Submitting UID data to the IUID Registry is a mandatory part of MIL-STD-130 compliance.  The IUID Registry is a big database where DoD keeps maintenance and warranty records for its assets around the globe. The item UID serves as the key for each record.

Manual data entry at Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environment/WAWF

This is FREE, but not EASY!  When entering your Receiving Report data at PIEE/WAWF, click the UID tab to input multiple screens of data for each UID item. This data flows automatically to the UID Registry. Depending on your tolerance for manual data entry, this method is OK for one to a couple dozen UID’s.  As quantities increase, however, it becomes tedious and frustrating.

We offer  a FREE, step-by-step GUIDE to Uploading UID’s to PIEE/WAWF, to make registering EASIER for you. To request the GUIDE, contact us at 617-314-7700 or by email.

SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol)

This is EASY, but not FREE. Once you fill out our extensive EXPEDITER IUID Upload template Excel spreadsheet, your work is done! There is no error prone ‘fat fingering’, no frustration with time consuming multiple screens of data. We take on the tasks of submitting to the IUID Registry test database and then to the production database, so you don’t have to!

Low prices for SFTP

Fifty UID’s or thousands. The set-up charge of $399.00 and the ‘per UID’ price are among the lowest in the industry.

Qty Bracket Each UID
1 – 250 $0.99
251 – 500 $0.89
501 – 1000 $0.79
1001 – 5000 $0.69
5001 – 10000 $0.59

IUID Registry FAQ's

What is the Item Unique Identification (IUID) Registry?

The IUID Registry is the DoD’s central repository for all IUID data and serves to identify:

  • What the item is
  • How and when it was acquired
  • Contract number
  • Purchase price
  • Accepting DoDAAC
  • Date of DoD’s acceptance

Who is responsible for Registering IUID's for New Procurement?

In accordance with DFARS 252.211-7003, the prime contractor has the responsibility to submit Unique Item Identifiers (UIIs) and to provide the IUID data for items that are delivered under a DoD contract.

Who is responsible for Registering IUID's for GFE?

In accordance with DFARS 252.211-7007, the prime custodial contractor has the responsibility to submit UIIs and to provide the IUID data for all Government Furnished Equipment (GFE) that meets IUID policy criteria.