Ammo Labels Made Easier

For ammunition and explosives stocks, MIL-STD-129 mandates the use of the Ammunition and Explosives Palletization/Packaging Label, aka the Ammo Label. Our Ammo Labels comply with the special requirements of MIL-STD-129, Section 5.14.

Ammo Label Elements

  • Must be no greater than 4” x 4”; size may be commensurate with quantity of data
  • Is one of DoD’s contents labels
  • Includes both human-readable data and machine-readable barcodes, such as
    • Lot Traceability Code
    • Weight (LBS) and Volume (Cubic ft)
    • National Stock Number (NSN)
    • DODIC
    • Hazardous material code
    • Nomenclature/Description
    • Quantity and Unit of Issue (U/I)
    • Lot Number


ONE Ammo label is required for

  • Each container on a Palletized Load (multiple containers on a pallet) and on pallet itself
  • Each Individual Shipping Container


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