EXPEDITER™ ASN makes it easy

EXPEDITER™ ASN replaces hours of typing and frustration with a single electronic data submission of your Advance Shipment Notice (ASN) to WAWF.

When you sign up for EXPEDITER™ you give us your WAWF User ID which serves as the electronic address for your data. We do not have your WAWF password and thus cannot access your WAWF account. We use an 856 Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) transmission via a Value Added Network (VAN).

After each purchase of EXPEDITER™ RFID labels, we email an EXPEDITER™ ASN link. With a few clicks, you tell us which ASNs to upload to WAWF and when. We track which ASNs have been uploaded and which have not. Within 1-2 business days, we upload ASNs for every shipment of any contract and any order you selected.

You pick how often to receive reminder emails, or not at all! Don’t want reminder emails. no problem. Your EXPEDITER™ ASN waits for you 24×7 at your EXPEDITER™ account.

EXPEDITER™ ASN is priced right!

Total Quantity of
Cases and Pallets


1-10 14.95
11-20 19.95
21-30 24.95
31 – 50 29.95
51 – 250 39.95
251 – 500 59.95
501 1,000 69.95
1,001 5,000 99.95
5,001 10,000 199.95
10,001 – 100,000 379.95
> 100,000

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