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MIL-STD-129 labels, UID labels, RFID and DoD / GSA compliance services

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Compliance Label ServicesWe offer a multitude of products, systems and services to make compliance convenient. And we eat our own cooking... We use almost all of them each day in our EXPEDITER™ operation so you can be confident of their quality and durability. Please call for pricing or information about any item (including those not listed).

ASN Action™

Bulk upload service for your RFID or UID data to WAWF. For suppliers and packaging houses that print RFID and UID labels in house, we verify the integrity of your data, check for proper CAGE codes, validate the RFID data construct, find tag duplications and search for orphan pallets. We format to DoD specs and electronically transmit to WAWF. We accept your file in CSV, TXT (tab delimited), XLS, DOC, PDF or XML. Saves time and allows your employees to return to business!

WAWF instruction and trouble-shooting

We walk you through trouble spots & answer questions: $30 for 15 minutes; $85/hour

Compliance Tutorials

Personalized for experienced or new DoD contractors; 30 minute sessions on RFID Container labels, UID, WAWF: $65 each.


We offer blank labels to meet MIL-STD-129 in two face stocks:

  1. Premium, top coated paper
    • For normal supply chain use
    • Superior print durability from thermal transfer printing with wax resin ribbon
    • Meets MIL-PRF-61002 Grade C durability
  2. Top coated 2 mil white Polyester
    • For outdoor weatherability
    • Outstanding print durability from thermal transfer printing with resin ribbon
    • Outstanding chemical, strength & tearing resistance; durability to 300 deg F
    • Meets MIL-PRF-61002 Grade B durability requirements

We offer blank labels both with and without RFID.

  • Blank RFID labels to meet MIL-STD-129, DFARS 252.211-7006 and MIL-PRF 61002

    Rolls of 4 x 6, 1 up, 800/roll, 3" core, UHF EPC C1G2 96 bit chip (contact us for complete selection)

  • Blank labels (without RFID) to meet MIL-STD-129 and MIL-PRF 61002

    Rolls of 4 x 2, 4 x 6 (contact us for complete selection)

    Sheets of 2.5 x 1.563 labels, 18 labels per 8.5 x 11 (contact us for complete selection)

Thermal Transfer ribbons

Minimize roll changes with 4.33 " wide, premium quality ribbons of the longest length commercially available, 1476'. These are the ribbons we use daily for EXPEDITER™.

  • Wax/Resin for exceeding MIL-PRF 61002 durability C (normal supply chain use)
  • Resin for exceeding MIL-PRF 61002 durability B (outdoor weatherability)

EXPEDITER™ - Our feature rich, web-based system & knowledgeable staff make compliance convenient so customers can focus on their business.

  • MIL-STD-129 RFID and Container labels ship same day and arrive overnight
  • Most MIL-STD-130 UID labels ship in 3-5 days

EXPEDITER ASN - Just 3 clicks and we electronically upload your RFID data to WAWF within 1 business day.

GuidedPackaging™ - GuidedPackaging saves you money by using our expertise and your labor to bring Mil-Spec packaging in-house. We provide the quantity, type, price and two sources so you can confidently purchase the right packaging materials and pack as specified in your contract.