Compliance Label Service

MIL-STD-129 labels, UID labels, RFID and DoD / GSA compliance services

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Make Advance Ship Notices (ASN) easier

Compliance Label ServicesDoD requires RFID numbers be input at WAWF

DFARS 252.211-7006 requires the RFID numbers of every case and pallet bearing RFID to be appended to your Receiving Report at WAWF. Manual 'fat-fingering' of the 24 character RFID data strings can be done, but it's...

  • Time consuming and error-prone
  • Inconvenient as WAWF forces you to complete all data entry in a single session
  • Deeply frustrating when WAWF terminates your session without cause or warning and you have to start all over again. It just makes you want to shoot something.

EXPEDITER ASN makes it easy

EXPEDITER ASN replaces hours of typing and frustration with a single electronic data submission of your Advance Shipment Notice (ASN) to WAWF.

Total Quantity of Cases and Pallets Price
1 - 10 14.95
11 - 20 19.95
21 - 30 24.95
31 - 50 29.95
51 - 250 39.95
251 - 500 59.95
501 - 1000 69.95
1001 - 5000 99.95
5001 - 10000 199.95
10001 - 1000000 379.95
> 500,000 Call us

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Save! Pick as many shipments as you like from as many different contracts anmd orders. We upload all of them to WAWF for one low fee based on the total number of cases and pallets. Pricing is subject to change.


After each purchase of EXPEDITER RFID labels, we email an EXPEDITER ASN link. With a few clicks, you tell us which ASNs to upload to WAWF and when. We track which ASNs have been uploaded and which have not. Within 1 business day, we upload ASNs for every shipment of any contract and any order you selected.

EXPEDITER ASN reminder emails

Don't hunt for your EXPEDITER ASN email, another will come as often as you want (or not at all). You decide how often at your EXPEDITER account.

EXPEDITER ASN/Self service

Don't want reminder problem. Your EXPEDITER ASN waits for you 24x7 at your EXPEDITER account.

Compliance Label Services


How does EXPEDITER ASN get my RFID data to the right place?
When you sign up for EXPEDITER you give us your WAWF User ID which serves as the electronic address for your data.

Does Compliance label Service access my WAWF account?
No. We do not have your WAWF password and thus cannot access your WAWF account.

What method do you use to upload the data to WAWF?
We use an 856 Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) transmission via a Value Added Network (VAN).