Compliance Label Service

MIL-STD-129 labels, UID labels, RFID and DoD / GSA compliance services

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  • Delivery

    Orders received by 2pm Eastern are shipped: same business day for RFID and Container labels; 3-5 business days later for most UID labels.
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    Quick answers to your questions from friendly people that know compliance.
  • Our interactive order form interviews you and informs you which labels MIL-STD-129 requires for your shipment. It only collects data for labels you want to buy. A special 'Look up' feature allows you to check if DFARS requires RFID for your 'Ship-to' destination.
  • UID Label order form

    Remembers your CAGE, Address, Construct and Encoding Format so you don't have to enter them again and again.
  • On-line Order History

    Save time and reduce keystrokes by editing previously placed orders.
  • On-line Quotation

    Immediate satisfaction. Select and unselect labels in the shopping cart and calculate changes to the quotation.
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    Input orders when you want; buy when you're ready.
  • Shipping choices

    We email the tracking number; you choose how we ship:
    • FedEx Standard Overnight
    • FedEx Ground
    • FedEx 2-Day
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      Receipts are automatic; choose payment by:

      Credit Card – Visa, Mastercard, American Express
      DrawDown Account – Don't get the company credit card for each purchase. Fund an account with a check or credit card; draw from it for any purchase. Multiple individuals, locations or divisions can share. Complete accounting online.

  • Certificates of Compliance

    MIL-STD-129 for RFID and Container Labels
    MIL-STD-130 for UID Labels
  • Data Back up

    All your order, shipment, RFID and UID data is backed up nightly